Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week many will rely on your advice, or your help to carry out their tasks and commitments, in making important decisions.

The week heralds events and news related to pregnancy or the birth of a child and in general to small children.

Problems or contradictions in your love relationships will pass quickly, so avoid deepening them or returning to old memories, mistakes and unpleasant experiences.

This week heralds an important, favorable change in your family, which will be different for each of you.

Boys and girls can have an interesting week of progress in tasks and matters related to education or career. You will have enough time for your main tasks and for fun, as long as you manage to find the balance between them. Many interesting plans can arise or be made during these seven days for your near future, and you will surely intuitively find the best course of action for their implementation.

Men will go through a week in which they will have to look for a more practical solution to their problems if they do not want them to deepen. Victory or success are not always the most important things to strive for. A healthy and peaceful lifestyle will give you enough energy to move forward with new ideas, plans and dreams. During the week, you will benefit from interacting with people who live outside your home, who will give you a more optimistic view of some delicate things in your life. This week will favor the completion of your tasks related to the house, equipment or property that the family has.

Women will have to focus first on completing tasks from last week that have not yet been completed for various reasons. During this week, you may meet a person from the past who will bring back pleasant or unpleasant memories.

The crab

During the week you will experience some complicated situations or unpleasant news that will require the mobilization of your soul. Have faith in what is given to you as a trial or experience because it will have a certain meaning.

Use this week to carry out medical examinations or treatment (therapy) postponed for various reasons.

Make sure you have a healthier lifestyle, especially if you live in big cities.

Do not overindulge in pleasures, alcohol or cigarettes, even if you have occasions to gather. Do not think that these are unimportant things.

During these seven days, you will part with some things. Do not try to stop the natural course of events.

The week will be favorable for your professional development, career or business. During these days you will be able to present yourself better and people will see your real skills and knowledge.

During the week you will receive various invitations or offers that will bring you emotions and pleasant experiences.

The development of events this week may be slower than you expect or want. However, life will help you build a solid foundation for a success that you will have the opportunity to realize in the coming weeks.

Boys and girls would do well to learn to wait this week for what others want to tell them and to be careful with their reactions, decisions and actions. The week will favor purchases that are important to your appearance or the activity you are engaged in.

Men will have to come to terms with the presence in their lives of people who have a difficult or strange character and find a way to communicate with them harmoniously and without problems. I am not writing that this is an easy task, but challenges in life are meant to help us learn new lessons. During these seven days, try to avoid cunning or unfaithful actions and beware of such. Some people's attempts to make gossip out of an experience in your life can hurt you emotionally. During this week, many of you will find the courage to initiate or implement an important change in your life.

Women will follow different news with interest. There will be no shortage of surprises in your life this week, but they will come through various messages, letters, media, etc.