Valentine's Horoscope / What it predicts for each sign

Valentine's Horoscope / What it predicts for each sign


Get ready for a fun time, Dash! Even with a busy work schedule, you are ready for a holiday. If you are a couple, arrange a romantic date. If you are single this is a fabulous time to find someone.


Things are looking hot for you in the bedroom, Dem, making this the perfect moment to stay indoors. A candlelit dinner can be fun tonight. If you are single, invite your friends for an interesting night with movies and wine.


Conversations can be the center of attention for you today - just the way you like it, Gemini! If you are single, you may suddenly feel the urge to join someone.


This may be a day to remember, dear Crab. A relationship can be taken to another level. You can also create a profitable business partnership.


You are very busy, but do not stay without celebrating. Just remember: If an ex sends messages suddenly, remember that above all it is an ex. It might be best to save yourself some drama on Valentine's Day!


The atmosphere tonight is looking incredible to you, Virgo. If you are single, it's your nightmare to go on stage. If you are a couple, why not recreate one of your first dates?


For you, home is where the heart is and the actual cosmic atmosphere tells you to stay inside. It looks like you're working on making your space look great, so take advantage of this opportunity to display your high-end design style. Celebrate at home!


You are in the spotlight this Valentine's Day, Scorpio, making this a great time and a fun night out! Book a delicious dinner at the most IN bar in town.


Expand your horizons, Sagittarius. The Moon in Leo asks you to do something unusual. Communication and storytelling are highlighted for you today, so surprise your partner or friends with a journey through the paths of memory!


Lucky you, Capricorn. No matter what you decide to do tonight, keep going and enjoy the glory by celebrating how far you have come!


You are not one to follow trends, but fate is calling to you. Pay attention to the people and connections that appear to you at this time - they can be very significant.


Romance comes to you when you connect with people who share the same thoughts. If you are looking for love, a presentation might be the way to go. If you are a couple, get organized and celebrate!