The most common mistakes you make when putting on make-up

The most common mistakes you make when putting on make-up

Makeup is one of the most powerful weapons we have at our disposal to feel better about ourselves, not only because it allows us to mask any insecurities, but because it enhances our strengths. Listed below are the most common makeup mistakes that tend to age us and that we should not make anymore

Some mistakes are quite common and are dictated mainly by inexperience and the desire to follow trends at all costs. The advice, in general, is to get it easier: use fewer products, so you can layer and manage them more easily.

Do not match the make-up with your skin

The world of beauty is heavily influenced by trends and social networks, and so are we. The images we see, however, are very often "fixed" thanks to the brightness and magic of the photos, so we are used to seeing just the perfect skin, on which the products perform best. But the reality is very different: enlarged pores, imperfections, acne and above all wrinkles are all elements that can be negatively enhanced by a wrong makeup, even in line with trends.

Make-up should be tailored to our needs, too dry powders damage your skin. Everything should be used in moderation, favoring creamy products (unless you have oily skin), which mix more easily with the skin.

Use very dark and pale colors

Përpjekja për të zgjeruar shikimin është qëllimi i të gjithëve, veçanërisht nëse kemi sy të vegjël. Pikërisht në këto raste duhet të lëmë mënjanë të gjitha ngjyrat shumë të errëta e intensive dhe të preferojmë ato të lehta dhe të ndezura. Grija dhe kafeja zëvendësojnë të zezën për të përcaktuar pamjen, e cila duhet kombinuar së bashku me rimelët dhe me pudra më kremoze.

Mos i kushtoni vëmendjen e duhur vetullave

Eyebrows are the center of our face, defining our expressiveness: knowing how to enhance them completes the look. If they are too thick, irregular or not harmonious, they make the eyes smaller, emphasize the marks and "destroy" our makeup. If, on the other hand, they are combed and fixed well upwards, in proportion to our eye and consequently symmetrical, they will immediately make the view wider and brighter.

The simplest technique to do this is to use a pencil with a very fine tip, which helps to be accurate in recreating the threads. Alternatively, you can also use gel ointments to be applied with the new brush or eyeliner, created specifically for this use. The important thing is that the final effect is absolutely natural.