US supports Finland and Sweden's NATO membership: Alliance needed today more than ever

US supports Finland and Sweden's NATO membership: Alliance needed today

US President Joe Biden met at the White House with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson to discuss their countries' bid for NATO membership, support for Ukraine and European security. At a post-meeting conference, Mr Biden said the United States strongly supported the Nordic countries' membership in the military alliance.

"There are no dilemmas today. The NATO alliance is important, it is effective and it is more necessary than ever. The alliance is more necessary today than before and I would say for the future as well. The decision of Finland and Sweden is proof of this commitment. This is for the future. "It's about a resurrected NATO that has the tools and resources, the clarity and the conviction to defend our common values ??and lead the world," said President Biden.

Finland and Sweden's demands for NATO membership came after Russia's attack on Ukraine. The US president added that both Finland and Sweden meet all the necessary conditions to become part of the military alliance. The president said he would submit the two countries' request for ratification to Congress today.

Sweden and Finland are members of the European Union. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West that Moscow would respond if NATO increased its military presence in Finland and Sweden, shortly after the two Nordic countries announced on Sunday that they wanted to join the US-dominated alliance.

The two countries would benefit from Article 5 of the alliance, which provides that an attack on one country is considered an attack on all countries, once they are fully members.

Some NATO allies, led by the United States and Britain, have indicated they are ready to provide security support to Finland and Sweden if the Kremlin tries to provoke or destabilize the Nordic countries while considering their membership.

NATO membership requires the consensual approval of all members.