Biden welcomes the Hague Court's arrest warrant against Putin

Biden welcomes the Hague Court's arrest warrant against Putin

US President Joe Biden has welcomed the issuance of an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Hague Court accused President Putin of committing war crimes in Ukraine, which for President Biden, the Russian leader had made "clear".

"He has clearly committed war crimes," Biden told reporters.

Hague's allegations focus on the illegal deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia since Moscow's 2022 invasion.

However, it is highly unlikely that this arrest warrant will be executed, as the ICC has no powers to arrest suspects without the cooperation of a country's government.

Russia is not a member state of the ICC, which means that the Court, located in The Hague, has no authority there.

However, this could affect Putin in other ways, such as the inability to travel internationally. He can be arrested if he violates any of the Court's 123 member states.

Putin is the third president for whom an arrest warrant has been issued by the International Criminal Court.

Moscow has denied the accusations.