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Germany chooses Ermonela Jahon as the Best Female Singer

Germany chooses Ermonela Jahon as the Best Female Singer

After Spain, Germany has also awarded Ermonela Jahon. On the official website of OPER! AWARDS is written:

"It is known that a career in opera requires much more than just a beautiful face. However, it remains something rare how an artist is able to reveal his innermost depth to the audience only through singing and interpretation".

And Ermonela herself, with the emotions that can be read in the lines, writes:

"First Spain and now Germany with this unexpected price!

I will try to put into words my gratitude and what this achievement means to me, but I can't. I feel proud to even be among the nominees, let alone the Winner award for female singer 2024. Thank you OPER! AËARDS for this great honor. A big thank you to my wonderful colleagues, to the wonderful audience who gave me their love and appreciation and to every loved one who has supported my journey. Music should tell a story by inspiring the audience and there is no greater achievement than connecting with every heart you listen to!”