Today he clashed with the police, but what do we know about Ledion Mziu's father: He gets 303 m2 at "5 Maji" plus the rent bonus

Today he clashed with the police, but what do we know about Ledion Mziu's

One of the persons escorted to oppose the police officers in the neighborhood "5 May" in the capital is Ledion Fadil Mziu.

He is charged with the criminal offenses of "Disobeying the order of a police officer and public order" and "Objection to a police officer and public order".

But contrary to what Ledion claims that his family will take to the streets, the facts speak differently. Ledion's father, Fadil Mziu, has been aware of the expropriation decision for several months to pave the way for the new neighborhood project where the 2019 earthquake family will be housed.

In exchange for the 239 square meters that the current surface of the apartment has, Ledion's father, Fadil Mziu will benefit from 303.4 square meters of residential units in one of the buildings designed by Boer, one of the architects of the palaces under construction. The contract is ready and awaits only the signature of Fadil Mziu, but the latter has refused to sign.

Meanwhile, since October, the Mziu family has been asked to apply and receive the rent bonus after the release of the current apartment until they receive the keys to the new houses that will benefit in the new neighborhood. But even this help provided by the Municipality of Tirana has not been accepted by Fadil Mziu.