How will the way we travel in 2022 change thanks to contactless technology?

How will the way we travel in 2022 change thanks to contactless technology?

After COVID-19 caused travel closures in 2020 it was thought that 2021 would be the year of the great recovery, and in many ways it was. The industry slowly but steadily began to show signs of improvement, strengthened by mass vaccinations, COVID travel tests and travelers' desire to explore tourist sites.

The pandemic has greatly changed the way the travel sector and people work. It is no longer about spontaneity, but about careful planning, precautions, documents and ever-changing rules.

Despite the rise of bureaucracy, if 2021 was the year of the great revival, 2022 seems to be the era of intelligent travel.

The world has come to terms with the reality of COVID-19, while vaccinations offer protection, the threat of exploding variants like Omicron still exists.

Therefore, additional test documentation, vaccine certificates, and mandatory quarantine may be needed as early as 2022. However, airports, airlines, and transportation hubs can demonstrate resilience by implementing technological innovations to overcome these challenges.

Technological innovation will revive the travel sector

How will the way we travel in 2022 change thanks to contactless technology?
Some airports and airlines have realized the need to provide a customer-centric approach, accelerating investment in biometric and contactless solutions, despite the economic downturn due to COVID.

Airlines, such as Emirates and AirAsia, or airports such as Mexico Felipe gengeles International Airport, Kuala Lumpur International in Malaysia and Lisbon ANA / Vinci Airport are investing in technology.

These biometric identification technologies are the key to providing contactless experiences, where travelers can simply go through a series of checkpoints without having to physically interact with human operators, i.e. the face serves as a passport.

Të gjitha këto aeroporte zbatuan mjete si platforma Orchestra, një platformë e menaxhimit të identitetit dixhital e zhvilluar nga Vision-Box, për lidhjen e aktorëve të shumtë rreth udhëtimeve duke rritur sigurinë, përvojën e klientit dhe efikasitetin operacional.

Gjatë pandemisë, platforma Orchestra u mundësoi pasagjerëve të kontrollohen në mënyrë të sigurt dhe të distancohen nga kontakti me zyrtarët e kontrollit kufitar apo të linjave ajrore. Duke ofruar këto zgjidhje të dobishme, këto aeroporte e kanë përballuar pandeminë COVID-19 shumë më mirë se të tjerët.

Në qendër të këtyre investimeve është ideja themelore që një pasagjer duhet të ketë një përvojë të lehtë dhe pa stres, pa pasur nevojë të paraqesë vazhdimisht fizikisht dokumente të shumta udhëtimi.

By linking health credentials to traveler identity, the versatility of the system will increase and enable the use of digital travel wallets while going through continuous automated checks.

This process reduces contact between people, manages controls more effectively and prevents the creation of long queues at checkpoints.

2022 will be a new era of travel that redefines the way we interact with people, cars and the environment.