Arbri Road opens on November 29 for travelers

Arbri Road opens on November 29 for travelers

Arbri Street will be opened for the circulation of vehicles on November 29, announced on Saturday the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku during the inspection of the final works.

From the construction site, Minister Balluku said that the axis is being opened before the contractual deadline, which is the spring of 2022, to facilitate the circulation of vehicles for the northeastern area of ??our country, before the winter season.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Infrastructure called on drivers to be very careful, and not to exceed the speed limit, because works are still being carried out in the segment.

"We are opening it ahead of schedule to facilitate traffic during the winter and we are definitely in the conditions of the construction site, so we need a lot of care from drivers in terms of crossing here.

I am with director Qaton here, because you will take over this road safety axis and monitor it until it is completed. The weather does not help us much, but the Drini HPPs are filling up.

This is a road in the northeast of the country, where there is often snowfall, so we must be very careful in using the road.

"When there is snowfall, we will close the" By Pass ", maximum 5 days a year and the old road will be used, but on other days it will be totally open," said Minister Balluku, among others.