Works for Vlora Airport, Rama: The third gate after Tirana and Kukes. Saranda seasonal airport will be opened

Works for Vlora Airport, Rama: The third gate after Tirana and Kukes. Saranda

Vlora Airport will be the "third gate from the sky" for our country, underlined this Sunday the Prime Minister Edi Rama as he announced that a seasonal airport will be opened in Saranda to support the area at the peak of the tourist season.

During his speech on the occasion of the opening of the works for the construction of Vlora International Airport, the Head of Government said that the tourism industry worldwide targets 'first class' tourists, ie those people who spend more when they go somewhere on vacation. .

"It is not enough to build a beautiful infrastructure, or a runway, which here will make available the capacity for transatlantic flights, but you must also have synergies with other airports to manage a much larger number of passengers and create a system where airport structures support and complement each other.

This airport becomes the third gate among the four gates from the sky, which we want to open for Albania after that of Tirana, that of Kukes and before work begins on the fourth gate, which is the seasonal airport of Saranda, which will operate directly and only in support of the peak tourist season, but it is a super-necessary airport.

Given that today, the whole logic of the tourism industry is to have not only quantity but also quality in tourist inflows and to target not only the mass of tourists, but also that level of spending by tourists in territory, ie category A of tourists, who are those who spend more when they come for vacation, it is necessary that the point of arrival at the resort is not more than 45 minutes or a maximum of 1 hour from the point of landing in the country. This is the reason why we need 4 airports ", declared the Prime Minister.