The works for the construction of Vlora International Airport begin

The works for the construction of Vlora International Airport begin

Southern Albania will soon have its own international airport, as today, the works for the construction of Vlora Airport have started, on the same day with the declaration of Independence 109 ago.

From the city of Ismail Qemali, Prime Minister Rama stated on the occasion of starting work on the airport that Vlora has its history in terms of air transport, because there was created the first aviation school of our country.

The Head of Government added that the International Airport will be created in the footsteps of the aerodrome used for military reasons.

The Prime Minister pointed out the difficulties of arriving on this day, as he had to endure the impatience of the people of Vlora. He further added that Vlora airport will be in alliance with that of Munich.

"Vlora has its history in terms of air transport. The first aviation school was established here, while the aerodrome was built here in 1920, which was used for military purposes. On this trail we today begin a new story, together with a good friend, a man among the most prominent of our national enterprise, a personality whose works have brought his name to many countries of the world and is appreciated by many peoples. and many to the works that he hath done. I have the honor to consider my friend, Baca Bexhet, whom I thank very much for being involved in this joint adventure. Of all the work we have done to come to this day it has been the most difficult. Hell, it was a job that would be done here in Vlora and I had to endure the impatience of the people of Vlora, who are the champions.

It was not said that this process went smoothly, it was launched and obstructed several times for objective reasons unrelated to us. Hell we got into the middle of the pandemic, which hit the aviation sector more than any other. It finally became possible to find the right force to move him forward, which is the strength of Behgjet Pacolli. In a way all that delay, that stress which the people of Vlora contributed in a special way with the characteristic ridicule, turned into kindness because today we are here with a fantastic alliance for the future of the airport which is that of Munich. Munich Airport comes to Vlora as an operational force, which guarantees a high level management, but guarantees that everyone needs synergy with other airports "said Rama.

This morning, the Prime Minister distributed a post, where together with the greeting for the Independence Day, he announced the start of work for Vlora Airport, as promised earlier.