Changes to the Highway Code/ License renewal will be done every 15 years

Changes to the Highway Code/ License renewal will be done every 15 years

A series of changes to the Highway Code were approved on Thursday in the Assembly.
Young drivers who have a type B license, in the first two years of obtaining it, must not drive high-powered motor vehicles, ranging from 500 to 1500 cubic meters.

The Directorate of Road Transport has drawn up a list of 13 types of vehicles that young drivers can drive. One of the approved changes is the extension of the patent renewal term, which will be done every 15 years, compared to the previous 10 years.

This term for category A and B will be up to 70 years old, and above this age the confirmation of validity is done after submitting the medical certificate.

The Highway Code provides for the extension of the right to exercise the profession of driving school instructor up to 70 years old, from 65 until now.

With the new changes in the Road Code, citizens who have received a fine for various violations, if they pay it within 15 days, the payment is made with a 50% reduction. Previously, if you paid within 5 days, the payment was made with a 20% discount.

The new code envisages toughening and doubling the fine for citizens whose license is revoked. This category of offenders will pay double the administrative measure, so that their driving license is not blocked.

As for highways that meet the criteria, the speed increases from 110 to 130 km/h. Another voted proposal is the removal of roadblocks on national roads, where road safety will be monitored by smart cars. They will identify only the violation committed by the driver, even if they have unpaid fines or the vehicle has passed the inspection or not. The new changes oblige municipalities to make 50% of parking spaces free of charge.