Manastirliu: The situation of COVID-3 after the fire is under control

Manastirliu: The situation of COVID-3 after the fire is under control

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has given a statement to the media about the fire that broke out in the building of COVID-3, in QSUT.

Manastirliu said from the outside of this building that the fire had fallen in one of the administration offices that is not related to the 3 COVID wards and confirmed that there were no injuries from patients, medical staff or administration staff.

Emphasizing the fact that the situation is under control, the Minister of Health said that the transfer of patients to the next building will not take place.

"Here are three wards that provide services to patients with COVID. I want to make sure they are all in good health. The incident occurred not in the ward areas. As it can be seen, it is an incident that happened in the green area, where the support services are, it is not related to the 3 pavilions.

This incident as soon as it was identified by the supporting structures, was reacted through fixed canisters. The responsible structures that are investigating the cause of the incident have been notified. What is important is that the patients, the medical staff are very good. There is nothing to worry about.

The incident occurred in this area of ??the former Surgery structure, where no service is provided. There are over 70 patients in COVID-3, none of the 3 wards were affected by this incident. Front, one of the rooms had this incident, measures were taken in time.

The situation is under control. There are several tracks being investigated. All tracks are being evaluated. " said the Minister.