Kumbaro in Ksamil: The separation of the beach stations has been completed, waste and noise are a challenge

Kumbaro in Ksamil: The separation of the beach stations has been completed,

Ksamili was the next stop of the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro following the tour to monitor and communicate with local government actors, business and tour operators on the main problems for the smooth running of the coastal tourist season.

The minister stopped by hotels and businesses in the area, stressing the importance of aesthetic organization, despite the fact that they are private spaces, as well as respecting the schedules for throwing away waste from businesses.

"With the Albanian Development Fund, we have started the preparation of models of aesthetic fences to separate public spaces from private ones. It is very important to communicate with the community and businesses to maintain a well-organized private space. The other challenge is with the open, half-abandoned construction sites that are witnesses of the tradition of the years we left behind and we need to cover them. The other concern is the waste and without daily communication with the businesses we cannot invest in keeping it clean and then take the waste out the door hour after hour. With the acquisition of powers by the municipal police to impose environmental fines, it should not be tolerated because for a business that mismanages its waste, the whole of Ksamil and Saranda receives the costs"

Further, Minister Kumbaro inspected one of Kasmil's beaches, where the entire process of organizing beach stations has been completed, focusing on the importance of noise management during the peak period, given the fact that the beaches have been populated since the beginning of the month. May and flows are predicted to be 40% higher than a year ago.

"Mapping the noise in the territory of the municipality is very important to determine where there can be activities, where music can be allowed even at night and where schedules and decibels must be respected. We also asked the State Police, which has the main competence during the tourist season for loud music and noise, but also municipalities to be equipped with accredited noise measuring tools. The police must be in the territory to ensure this balance of coexistence between family members and the desire of young people for environments with music", Minister Kumbaro concluded.

Minister Kumbaro will continue with inspections in Vlora and other coastal municipalities in order to monitor and communicate to guarantee the standards for the smooth running of the summer tourist season.