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Pink's response to Madonna's face in the face of our obsession with the appearance of others

Pink's response to Madonna's face in the face of our obsession with

By Mira Kazhani/ At a time when we all order, speak and comment on others without thinking long, when network commentators have become the critics of our lives, unknown people, people with their frustrations or even delirious joys, determine in a way what is right and wrong; public people, artists, journalists, scientists, have the duty to show that they deserve their fame and success, that they have the opportunity to speak on the bed of reason, that they know how to go beyond the network's fluff, the frivolity of strangers, the word evil that has become the embodiment of freedom of expression.

I reinforced this feeling when I heard today in a video, I don't know whose time, when the singer (my favorite) Pink answers about Madonna, who in recent years has appeared in a radically transformed image in the effort to remain young.

Do we like it? Do we agree? No. Pink probably doesn't like it either, who wants to see idols suffering, getting old and even worse when they shout that they don't want to get old.

But a seemingly more mundane question has given Pink the opportunity to show just how extraordinary it is to be someone who doesn't speak without thinking.

"You want to know what I think about Madonna's face? That's not progress. (it's on topic) we shouldn't be talking about Madonna's looks, but what that woman with glasses has done for everyone we who followed after….”, said Pink!