Credins bank is the place you were looking for!

Credins bank is the place you were looking for!

The Insurance industry today knows a global evolution and its growing trend shows that there are many good reasons to expand this market even more. Moreover, the various situations throughout the last years around the world, showed that consumers in the business and individual ranks are more aware and more demanding to protect their interests. In this aspect, in Albania too, there is a growing awareness of the importance closely related to the concept of property, life, car, business insurance, etc. Today, the biggest challenge of insurance companies is designing different packages that offer the best alternatives.

Credins is the bank that, in addition to providing various financial services, has already expanded the range of its activity profile. Credins enjoys two licenses in the field of insurance mediation and in this status the bank offers its customers and more, different insurance products in each branch.

A few days ago Credins launched the newest campaign on insurance or as it is otherwise known in its terminology "brokering". A campaign which aims to inform existing and new customers about the range of products it offers, aiming to make the best choices according to the needs or requirements they have. The reasons why Credins bank is an affordable destination to make different insurances is because in the status of "broker" it offers different personalized service alternatives for each customer, such as: "Life and health insurance from personal accidents, offering also health card, check up with discount in hospital centers, property insurance, TPL, green card, KASKO insurance, life and health insurance while traveling, etc. The bank's experience through a qualified staff also ensures a powerful negotiation with insurance companies, thereby ensuring lower premiums and good insurance coverage for both business and individual clients. The choice of any product offered in the form of a "One Stop Shop" in any branch of the bank is another flexibility and added value in time management.

Seeing the importance of the product, the campaign has been launched in all communication channels. With a completely modern style, colors and dynamism, the accompanying spot of the campaign "the place you were looking for" was also launched with the excellent interpretation of the famous singer Arilena Ara. Throughout this year, Credins bank will come up with more surprise campaigns that will focus on rewarding the customer as well as providing the best financial services.