Allergy with the salaries of people in the administration, or even deputies, and a question that populists ask

Allergy with the salaries of people in the administration, or even deputies, and

There is a populist spirit that envelops any topic that has to do with lek as a notion. It doesn't matter how right and true, or logic stands. Everyone gets into an argument and adds fuel to the fire.

During today's day, the headline was the topic of salary increase for the administration. It is about an increase of 30-40% for the administration and 50% for the deputies and ministers.

On Thursday, the parliament is expected to vote on its own salaries.

Should MPs vote on their salaries? Is it moral? Ethical? Yes.

First, not all MPs are rich, businessmen or thieves. Second, that the deputy is a profession that deserves to be paid and thus more idealists will aspire to it and will not see it as a place where bargains are made.

Deputies have also voted laws for the oligarchy at worst and a vote for themselves for a legal salary and that tends, at least theoretically, to create a greater dignity for them.

Public administration is not all corrupt, nor is it all moldy and sluggish. There are people who want to work and have a dignified life.

The increase in salaries for these people would prevent their departure from the country and theoretically will prevent abuse.

The only problem with salaries and their increases is the question of whether they are based on clear financial forecasts. If they were made so that the country does not suffer the consequences 10 years later, or 20 or 30.

This is not well explained. And as it happens with the network and the cacophony of opinions, the right questions are always neither asked nor answered because the emotions and comments in the populist air today steal all logic and reason.