Dr. Chess of TikTok: Watch out! Not every beauty trend is worth it

Dr. Chess of TikTok: Watch out! Not every beauty trend is worth it

Not all viral beauty trends are worth it.

Dr. spoke about this. Muneeb Shah—the number one dermatology influencer known worldwide through TikTok.

"I think that anything you see that appears as a trend doesn't mean it's worth it. I'm just a little skeptical and would take a little more time to see if this trend lasts a week or just a day. Even when it comes to filling the face. Take your time with everything. It's your skin. It's what everyone sees when they meet you for the first time," says the doctor.

And while some DIY (at-home) treatments are making the rounds — such as homemade chemical peels, face masks, and make-up drops — many aren't even worth trying.

The doctor mentions some of these treatments.

"People take lemon, lime, baking soda, mix them together and then apply it to their face. No one knows how safe that composition is. What pH does it have and how much can it irritate the skin? There is really no need for them," says the doctor.

“I would definitely avoid microneedling at home. I'm not a fan of Dermarolling either, especially if you don't clean the device well. These are the things I recommend to avoid", he adds.

Dr. Shah says it's always important to see a dermatologist. Even if there are not many opportunities in the city where you live. The moment must be found.