5 Skincare Habits You Need to Leave Behind in 2023

5 Skincare Habits You Need to Leave Behind in 2023

The new year is a great time to reevaluate your relationship with your skin and figure out what really works for you.

Here's what dermatologists want you to keep in mind in 2023:

Don't follow every new skin care trend you see on social media

Many people tend to believe what they see on social media, especially if they see a lot of people doing it. But that doesn't always mean it's safe or effective.

Your routine doesn't need to be overly complicated

Complicated and expensive does not necessarily mean better. Often, using too many products can damage the skin barrier and make your skin worse.

Avoid potentially dangerous home treatments

If a skin care trend seems too weird it's not worth it. Experimenting with home remedies can also cause irritation, spots or even hair loss.

Focus only on yourself

Don't worry about Instagram trends. What your friend uses will not always work for you. Even seemingly harmless trends can have unintended consequences for some people.

If you're not sure, ask an expert

While it can be fun to experiment with skin care products, the best advice on which products to use for your skin comes from a dermatologist who knows you well.