5 uses you do not know about hair conditioner

5 uses you do not know about hair conditioner

Regardless of the length of the hair, we all know that a correct hair care routine should include very specific steps, from shampoo, to masks, to the use of conditioner. But are we really sure we know the products we use normally?

For example, do you know how many hair conditioners can be used in addition to hair?

Here are five uses of hair conditioner that you may not be aware of.

'Conditioner' for hair, before, after and during
The first thing to consider when it comes to hair conditioner has to do with its more classic use, which is like a product used after shampooing to help hair stay healthy, protected, well nourished and gentle. But are you sure you really know everything?

For example, did you know that hair conditioner can be used even before shampooing? To protect the tops from drying out of the shampoo itself. Or even using just conditioner, to hydrate especially if you have dry hair.

Low Cost Hair Mask
Probably not everyone knows that hair conditioner can also be a great mask replacement.

Ok, every product has its function, of course, but you do not always have everything available when you need it. This is why, knowing the ways in which hair conditioner can be used is an added value.

In this particular case, for example, simply apply a little product to wet hair, leaving it to act for even an hour or so, overnight. A hair rinse is enough after the necessary time has passed and so on.

Ideal product for splitting the ends
It is well known that conditioner is a remedy for hair while cleaning them, if you have used many products while styling them. But did you know that this product can also be used to reduce yeast separation during drying?

Për ta bërë këtë, mjafton të lini pak produkt në majë gjatë shpëlarjes. Jo shumë për të mos i rënduar, por vetëm një dozë shumë e vogël. Kjo do t'ju lejojë të thani flokët, duke garantuar shkëlqim dhe butësi. Me pak fjalë, maksimumi me përpjekjen minimale.

Zbutësi në rutinën e bukurisë
Në fakt, ky produkt mund të përdoret edhe në disa trajtime të rutinës suaj të zakonshme të bukurisë. Natyrisht më tepër si një ilaç efektiv në rast se ju mbarojnë produktet e posaçme që përdorni zakonisht. Konkretisht, kondicioneri i flokëve mund të përdoret:

-si pastrues makijazhi, nëse e keni mbaruar pastruesi. Aplikoni një dozë shumë të vogël në një letër pambuku dhe kalimi i saj në fytyrë (duke shmangur zonën e syve);

-si "zbutës" i kutikulave gjatë bërjes së manikyrit, duke shmangur dhimbjen gjatë trajtimit të tyre;

-If you shave with a razor (avoiding the groin area) in case you no longer have depilatory cream. Of course without always doing it but only if necessary.

Household (and not only) with relaxers
Finally, here is the use you certainly do not expect. Hair conditioner, in fact, can help a lot in other areas of your daily life, and not just to guarantee strength and beauty to your hair.

For example, this product can be used:

-as a fabric softener replacement (in case it is finished), inserting a dot in its place in the washing machine. Your clothes will have an incomparable fragrance and softness;

-to facilitate the noise created by closing and opening the hinges;

-as a polisher to remove any stains from your shoes.