Anthony Albanese, the first prime minister of Arbëresh origin in Australia

Anthony Albanese, the first prime minister of Arbëresh origin in Australia

Anthony Albanese, the leader of the Labor Party and the new winner of the elections in Australia, will be the first prime minister of Arbëresh origin in Italy to lead the country.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat in Saturday's election, and the opposition Labor Party is expected to end almost a decade of conservative rule.

Preliminary results show that while Labor has seen a slight increase, Prime Minister Morrison's Liberal-National Coalition suffered deep losses in Western Australia and generally in affluent urban areas.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese will be the next prime minister after Labor's first victory since 2007.

In preliminary results Labor has not yet secured 76 of the 151 lower house seats needed to form a single government. Final results may take time as the counting of a record number of ballots by mail must be completed.

Center-left Labor had held a significant lead in pre-election polls, though polls showed the Liberal-National government was narrowing the gap in the final days of the campaign.

Who is Anthony Albanese, the next Prime Minister of Australia?

His father, Carlo Albanese, was actually from Barletta. However, Anthony met him only years later, shortly before his death in Italy in 2014, because he abandoned him and his mother, Maryanne Ellery, shortly after his birth. To avoid the 'scandal' in 1960s Australia and in a very Catholic family, word spread that Carlo had died in a car accident shortly after his marriage in Europe.

It was only when he was 14 years old that Anthony, whom friends call 'Albo', learned the truth from his mother: Carlo was a stewardess on a cruise ship when he met Maryanne in 1962 on the only overseas trip of his life in Asia and Europe. In Sydney she was single and four months pregnant as the 2016 biography shows, 'Albanian: Saying it right'.