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The debate on the network continues about the "invitation" of Inva Mula and the publication of emails by TKOB with the artist

The debate on the network continues about the "invitation" of Inva

An Albanian from Boston has reacted to the absence of the famous artist Inva Mula at the inauguration of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. The indignant Albanian from Boston expresses her appreciation for the artist, calling her one of the biggest stars of Albania and she should have been at this event because thanks to her, the world turned its eyes away from us.

Among other things, she says: I can not stay silent in this case ... Inva Mula is and will remain one of the biggest stars of Albanian art, I am generalizing without saying the biggest Albanian star just because everyone has an opinion In addition to her talent and artistic abilities that are of a world rank, Inva has made the world aware, first and foremost of every other person, that Albanian art is of this level that she demonstrates, that it is so up, with so much quality and professionalism.

The art world turned its attention to us thanks to Inves, I want to emphasize this again THANK YOU INVES! A few days ago the renovation of TKOB was inaugurated, in the opening concert Inva was not there, the greatest artist of that theater was not there. Placido Domingo was there, what is Placido for our theater, not forgetting those alligations behind it. Ermonela Jaho was there, world artists really ... I still ask, Inva why she was not there, the ambassador of our art and Albanian excellence, why she was not? I hear from what I was invited only as a spectator, this is the gratitude, thanksgiving, gratitude that we owe to Inves? Spectators? The spectator is called a 90-year-old artist, not Inva who continues to shine. Oh how indignant! It continues to be appreciated by exposing the emails that were posted today on the TKOB website,

Numerous post I can say, dignified institution that does not respect privacy. Bottom line, Inva was not in the concert and this kind of treatment without respect and indignation has caused a stir among all Albanian artists.

Here in Boston USA we welcome Inven again, to give us her voice just like 2 years ago, in those special and unforgettable moments.