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The Prime Minister's congratulations to Kadare: He has always been like a foreigner, with an Albanian background and passport

The Prime Minister's congratulations to Kadare: He has always been like a

On Ismail Kadare's 87th birthday, Prime Minister Rama wrote a long public greeting. With gratitude for the work of the writer and the echo around the world, Rama closes it by writing: "He has always been like a foreigner with an Albanian background and passport".

Full Status:

Writing this greeting for him, it occurred to me how many people have taken the time to write books, dissertations, master's degrees, doctorates, reports, articles, writings, biographies and scribblings, with dithyrambs, evaluations and even insults, about books. his and for himself and how little chance there is, that the strings of their letters will have a better fate than the sand castles that the toads build on the seashore, prefiguring the heroes of fairy tales and ballads or clowns and gogols of threats heard before sleep.

And with this thought, I am leaving this note (which will have the same fate as those castles) with a simple thank you, without claiming anything more than the expression of great gratitude to Ismail for the fantastic monument he has erected for the Albanian language , making my love for this mysterious language even greater, which we Albanians are lucky enough to speak and write as our mother tongue; for the extraordinary pleasure of traveling in the world of events, characters, emotions that he has brought to life with the ease of a magician, brought to light the power of an exorcist and stored with the precision of a girocastrite; for the bitterness he has caused to the mediocre and for the lip-smacking he has provoked to the jealous with his resounding success in dozens of languages ??of this world, and definitely also for the fruitless debate between the barricades,

Ah, this is completely personal, and also for Vladimir Mayakovsky, the volcanic genius of Russian poetry, who if it wasn't for Ismail Kadareja, I would never have known him, in one of the most amazing meetings of my life with literature!

I'm stopping here and wishing today along with his birthday that the rumor that Ismaili no longer writes, is just his next game with the characters of real life, where he has always been like a foreigner with a background and a passport Albanian, I leave the last word of this congratulation to Majakovks, pronounced by Kadare:

"Thy thought,
that dreams in the soft brain,
Like the fat lackey on the couch of sdral,
I'll mock with the bloody zeal of the heart;
Till I'm satiated, ugly and brutal."