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TKOB publishes emails with artist Inva Mula and conversations about the Gala evening

TKOB publishes emails with artist Inva Mula and conversations about the Gala

The Gala Evening of the Opera and Ballet Theater was also accompanied by a situation that was caused by the absence of artists Inva Mula. The world-famous Albanian soprano was absent from the inauguration of the TKOB Reconstruction. At first it was thought that maybe because of the agenda she was not in Tirana, but the photos of the next day, in an event next to her friend Joni Peçi showed that she was in Albania. The media alluded that there might not have been an invitation to Inva Mulan. It was TKOB that made an announcement on social networks where it explains that three invitations were sent to Inva Mula via email and that the Director of TKOB Zana Çela wrote them, but without response. How correct it is to issue emails and correspondence with someone remains to be discussed,


In respect of the fanatical followers of TKOB, the general public, artists and the media, we inform you about the truth of the official invitations, which were made to the excellent Albanian artists, to participate in the Gala Evening program of the Inauguration of TKOB Reconstruction.

TKOB through the Artistic Director, Mrs. Abigeila Voshtina, like all excellent Albanian artists, also sent Mrs. Inva Mula official invitations to participate in the artistic program of the Gala Evening of the TKOB Reconstruction Inauguration.

These official invitations have been repeated three times, starting from NOVEMBER 11, 2019, as TKOB has had in its plans since then the realization of the Inauguration Gala Evening, plans which have been postponed for major reasons such as: the November 2019 earthquake and more pas situata Covid 19.

Below you will find three emails sent in three different periods, coinciding with our theater reopening forecasts. The last official email from the Artistic Director of TKOB, Mrs. Abigeila Voshtina was sent to the address of Mrs. Inva Mula on JULY 19, 2021 in the hope that she would be able to attend the Gala Evening, but so far has not returned any response.

We also clarify that one month before the last official invitation made by the Artistic Director, Mrs. Voshtina (in the email dated 19 JULY 2021), the General Director of TKOBAP, Mrs. Zana Çela sent on June 14, 2021 a social message on WhatsApp, Mrs. Mula, but even in this case there was no response. Below you will find the official email invitations and messages listed by date.

"We think that beyond these facts there can be no room for misinterpretation."