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Today when I heard the news of his departure! Natasha Lako's farewell to Piro Manin

Today when I heard the news of his departure! Natasha Lako's farewell to

Writer Natasha Lako has dedicated a message on social networks to Piro Mani who passed away today. At the end of her message, Lako expresses his condolences to Mani's wife and then to the city of Korça that lost one of her most important personalities.

Natasha Lako's message:

Those who do not know what happened in Korca, when Pirro Mani returned.
Korca did not tremble today, that Piro Mani left. She was even more shocked by his arrival, through the cobbled streets. She felt that something was happening in her body. And together with Korca to go on stage and Piro Mani to be the spectator. In the premieres you could see him bowing in honor of art. Maybe even man, I do not know. But he taught people that theater should be part of their lives. fell in love, through his stage love. I may have been in my third year of high school when "Twelfth Night" was staged and he brought Shakespeare to my hometown. I'm not talking about the drama "View from the bridge", but about the sound of the name Arthur Miller.
Dear city, today I do not know what this man gave to your body.
Today, when I heard the news of his final departure, I happened to be in Korca. And I did not know from which side to turn my head.
Congratulations to Pavline dear first and then to my city where the name I hope will be marked from the beginning.