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Why will 'Finalmente Elsa' come to Tirana? The artist explains it herself

Why will 'Finalmente Elsa' come to Tirana? The artist explains it

Elsa Lila will come for the first time in a concert at the Palace of Congresses on November 1.

The artist herself invites her fans in a few lines on Instagram, but also shows why she finally chose to return to her audience with "Finalmente Elsa".

"I left with the taste of the success of my "Evita" at the festival, to return again to Tirana, now in November. This time, for the first time (with a big concert, there on the stage of the Palace of Congresses, from where my artistic life began.

"Finally Elsa" says it all: the long time I've waited, for this moment to come; the great work I have done so far, to feel ready for a concert like this, which requires not only dedication but also maturity and the right artistic repertoire.

I would never have been able to do it alone, without my collaborators and artist friends, with whom I have created, interpreted and realized all these years, unique, interesting projects with real music.

We will do this at the concert on November 1, in Tirana.

I welcome you to give me your heart and your applause, as you have always done, while I have given you my voice and my soul.

November 1

Palace of Congresses

For ticket information, you will find the link in my bio tomorrow!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Elsa", she writes.