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Professor Tupe request to the Academy of Sciences: 'Release' the erotic vocabulary

Professor Tupe request to the Academy of Sciences: 'Release' the

Professor Edmond Tupe is the only compiler of the erotic dictionary who through 41 sketches has summarized a book entitled 'Echoes of strange stimuli'. He says the stories depict erotic situations which push the reader into fantasy and reawakening of passion.

"I think something serious has come out in terms of quality. They are literary writings. Erotic but literary crumbs ", says the writer, but he also dedicated a sketch to the Academy of Sciences, which calls on him to release the erotic words from life imprisonment. In the interview for ABC he says:

"Unfortunately for us, erotic words have been the subject of constant isolation or concealment since the time of the regime. Erotic words that denote erotic acts, in all languages ??of the world appear in dictionaries. The dictionary does not say say this, but you should know them '.

Among couples, the professor says that the book is beneficial: “I think they will smile, especially those who will go to the beach. Go to forget stress. This book will help them a lot. "Couples who are truly in love can take advantage of reading this book to immerse themselves in an environment no matter how erotic."