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'Mother' takes the stage this Thursday

'Mother' takes the stage this Thursday

A show not to be missed awaits you this Thursday at ArTurbina. "Mother" will take the stage.

The mother, described by its author Florian Zeller as a black farce, offers us extraordinary insight and confronts us, more than a story, with an experience that is created through it.

At the center of the play is the drama of the mother, with her illness, crisis and pain, but also of other characters who cause it or are themselves victims of it.

A mother's love for her son, whose departure from home the mother experiences as betrayal and the possible pathological deviations that accompany it. To this is added the parallel situation of a marriage, which for this reason and for other reasons is suffering its decadence.

Authored by Florian Zeller and directed by Mehmet Xhelili, actors Ema Andrea, Helidon Fino, Enisa Hysa and Xuliano Brisku bring it to the stage.