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The famous poet and filmmaker Petrit Ruka dies

The famous poet and filmmaker Petrit Ruka dies

The poet and filmmaker Petrit Ruka passed away at the age of 67. For a year he suffered from a heart disease and failed to overcome it. The sad news of his separation from life was given by the relatives and friends of the artist.

The poet became especially famous with the poetic volume "Homeland begins at the heart", which received the national award in 1983. He has published over 10 volumes of poetry, dozens of film scripts, documentaries and monographs.

Petrit Ruka is known as one of the best Albanian poets and has received the title "Honor of the Nation".

Petrit Ruka was born in Tepelena on August 21, 1954.

He completed higher studies in Albanian Literary Language and postgraduate studies in film dramaturgy, Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana 1985 - 1986.

Worked as a lecturer at the General High School, Tepelena. 1976 - 1984. Screenwriter and director. Kinostudio “Shqipëria e Re” and Alba Film Studio.Tirana.1986 - 1996. Director at the National Children's Theater. Tirana 2000 - 2000. President of the Albanian National Cinematographic Center 2000 - 2005.

Petrit Ruka has published some of the volumes:

1. “My youth” volume, poetry, 1978.

2. "Homeland begins in hearts" volume, poetry 1983

3. "Goodbye, hometown moon!" volume, poetry, 1990

4. "Turn around, beheaded!" volume, poetry, 2000.

5. "It rains in the heart…" volume, poetry, 2003

6. "Seven thousand my rains" selected poems, 2008

7. "Knight on the sea" monographic essay for Kadri Roshin 2009

He has made more than 30 cinematographic works as a screenwriter and director.