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Albania's Charlie Chaplin, Zef Deda, has passed away

Albania's Charlie Chaplin, Zef Deda, has passed away

Zef Deda, the great master of humor, passed away today at the age of 73.

The artist closed his eyes in his hometown, after a serious illness that had affected him for some time.

Zef Deda is one of the best comedians in Albania, also known as the Charlie Chaplin of Albania.

He was born in Shkodër on July 27, 1950. He was educated in his hometown and at the construction polytechnic in Tirana. He starts high school for language - literature, but cannot finish it due to health reasons. He worked for more than 40 years at the Migjeni Theater in Shkodra. His talent stood out from an early age.

After a separation of 6 years, due to emigration abroad, he returned in 1996 to Albania to practice the profession of actor.

Zef Deda will also be remembered for his iconic role as Xhemal's brother-in-law.