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Kadare's message to his Helena

Kadare's message to his Helena

The writer Ismail Kadare surprised his wife, his lifelong friend, with a video message.

Kadare was Helena's surprise during an interview she was giving.

"She is the closest woman in this world who has been from the beginning of our acquaintance and until now at the end, if we can call this last part of life an end. The closest one has given me all the joys of this world, to which I feel obliged for everything," Kadare told ABC News.

After his message, Helena said:

To be honest, I was also surprised, because Ismaili is not one of those types who says what he thinks. Preferably it says: 'yes, no, maybe, can'. Such answers, if he was so open, I was also very impressed, of course he made me very happy".