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Composer Limoz Dizdari comes out of intubation

Composer Limoz Dizdari comes out of intubation

After a serious health condition, the composer Limoz Dizdari has come out of intubation. The news was given by the Minister of Health who visited Shefqet Ndroqi Hospital.

"I am very excited, you have honestly done a fantastic job. Bravo. You even put your own music. Master Dizdari is already well. We are back as strong as ever. I am grateful, I was convinced that you would succeed, thanks to your dedication, thanks to your professionalism, definitely the will of Limoz that he does not lack, to succeed ", Manastirliu addressed the staff.

Meanwhile, the doctors of the "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital have explained that the intervention was delicate and performed in the conditions of intubation, where 4 stands were placed for the well-known composer.

"Fantastic work has been done. 4 stands were placed. Two weeks intubated and all assists were done in the conditions of an intubated patient all the time, with hemodynamics, 4 stands were placed. As the problems were not only pulmonary, quite severe, with a severe pneumonia but also with a heart failure, which had to be stabilized thanks to the work of the staff. We opened it as an artery, placed 4 stands and fortunately for two days it responded well ", the doctors explained.