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Hueyda El Saied, the girl who showed and succeeded in everything but illness

Hueyda El Saied, the girl who showed and succeeded in everything but illness

The news of the death of the Albanian ballerina, singer, presenter, painter, author and showgirl Hueyda El Saied is sad and almost unbelievable. Unfortunately it is true!

Hueyda, 46, mother of Gabriel 6, closed her eyes permanently in a French hospital, where she also lived.

He will be remembered for his constant smile, for his sincere interviews, for the sad story of his parents separated from the regime, for his great love for his grandmother who lost him a year ago, for his romantic statements about Thiery, for the pride of Gabriel, for all that he has done and said, and for the fact that the saddest thing that took his life, his illness, he kept to himself.

Hueyda started her career at a very young age, when she danced and sang as a Jordan Misja schoolgirl.

Then he studied abroad, returned to Albania to escape and return to France over the years.

In addition to her career in Albania, Hueyda danced in various TV shows for singers and bands: Lara Fabian, MOOS, Donna Summer, Nigel and Marvin, and Larousso, etc. and performed in music videos of: Alizee, Sinclair, Etienne Daho, Florent Pagny, Paul Personne, Sniper, Jane Fostin, Sandy Valentino. Hueyda was also the ballerina of the well-known program in Italy "In Boça Al Lupo". All at a time when Albania could watch these shows on television alone. And of course to be proud of the Albanian girl whom he lost today, ahead of time.