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"Finally Elsa"... comes with a big concert in Tirana

"Finally Elsa"... comes with a big concert in Tirana

Tirana roared for a long time, from small and big concerts, of different musical trends and styles, of Albanian and internationally famous singers. The heat of August seemed to calm and somewhat calm this great capital, where it seems that the music will start to play and sound again.

But in the multitude of concerts that will start, one will undoubtedly be quite different. Maybe because it will be that concert, which, without even knowing it, we have been waiting for a long time to happen one day, here in Tirana.

"Finally, Elsa" will be the title of the concert that will bring us, on November 1, to the Palace of Congresses, that girl of the "tear", after which once upon a time the big and small were taken, the singer who made us we felt proud while she was presented as the first Albanian to climb the stage of Sanremo, the artist who has soothed our minds and souls with the melody of her voice and songs and who made us believe, until a year ago when she returned to the stage of the RTSH Festival, that real music can still be created and sung skillfully.

We can say without a doubt that it will be spectacular as well as melodious, this concert by Elsa Lila who continues to challenge herself and time every day, with what she knows how to do best, that never betrays her and that has cultivated even more strongly with the circle of artists, with whom he has been collaborating for years in Italy, who have chosen to make the music that belongs to them, to a large part of this society.

Now, she dares to come, together with them, for this big concert, in her Tirana, where everything started and where she has felt every time, at every time, the love that the public has for all the artistic values ​​that she continues to convey , through the worldview, the voice of its sounds. That this time she will bring them to a live concert, in every sound, from the beginning to the end, which will be all hers, conceived with a special musical program. To make Tirana roar strongly in the course of this new season, from its sounds.