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What Albanians read in pandemic times, here are the 10 best-selling books during 2020

What Albanians read in pandemic times, here are the 10 best-selling books during

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but there have been some significant developments for the book market.

The long stay at home of people brought attention back to the book, and there was an increase in interest in the literature of values, mainly in the classics and important authors of letters. The publishing market had a drastic decrease in the number of publications in circulation if we compare it with previous years, as well as termination of contracts with agencies and authors, accompanied by other problems.

Bookinist distributes the most requested books by readers during 2020, where they lead the publications of personal development and motivation. Due to the pandemic, but also the need for more motivation, this category is marking a significant increase in reader demand from year to year. Also, world bestselling authors remain the same for Albanian readers.

1. "Think and be rich" by Napoleon

This book has helped many people change the course of their lives. He remains an excellent motivating impetus for the development of personal intellect. Napoleon Hill explains that the philosophy taught in the book can be used to help people succeed in all areas and do or manage to be almost anything they want. According to Forbes magazine (March 2011) "this book has sold more than 70 million copies since its first publication and continues to sell rapidly today."

2. "The Auschwitz Tattooist" by Heather Morris

A novel based on a true story by Heather Morris! A love story in a concentration camp; that of Layley and Gita Sokolov, not only would survive the difficult days, but would be documented in detail many years later. A story held hostage for seventy years, which will make you cry but also give you optimism. Endless books have been written about the Holocaust, but none like this that has been in the hands of the Albanian reader for two years, - followed by the second book of this author, "Silke's Journey".

3. "Balloon Hunter" by Khaled Hosseini

Without fear, this book remains one of the most liked by Albanian readers, who are generally passionate about stories with tragic endings and realities that coincide with those of a typical Albanian environment. This novel is brilliant; has a shocking fable which makes this book memorable not only as a political chronicle but also as a deeply personal narrative… It is rare for a book to fit so much time and at the same time have such a high literary quality. This novel and all other novels by Khaled Hosseini remain absolute bestsellers for Albanian readers. This book has only one drawback, - it ends quickly, - says Amazon. Therefore, in Albania there are over 12 reprints as a novel.

4. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki

Surprisingly, during the pandemic period this was one of the most sought after books by Albanian readers. "Rich dad, poor dad" is a starting point for anyone who wants to take control of their financial future. This publication will dispel the myth that you need more income to get rich; challenge the belief that your home is the financial source; tell parents why they cannot rely on the school system to teach their children about money; teach you how to spend financial resources and expenses; instruct you on how to teach your children with money to be more financially successful in the future. Robert Kiyosaki is a businessman, investor, book author and teacher. He teaches people to become millionaires. That's why they call him a schoolteacher for millionaires…

5. "Love in times of cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

A modern classic that sells at any time, but during 2020 there was a strong comeback from the Albanian reader. As the title implies, Gabriel Garcia Márquez has written the novel about love, about love with all its faces: youthful love, conjugal love, romantic love, love of the flesh, love, even, even with the signs of cholera. Moreover, he has written a work of art that radiates such humanism, that readers will keep it deep in their hearts as something precious and will remember it as long as they have life in this world. This masterpiece of world literature comes in a dignified way thanks to the masterful Albanian from the original language by Mira Meks.

6. "The Plague" by Albert Kamy

This book was one of the three most sought after books in the world during the pandemic year. Of course, this is thanks to the genius of Nobel laureate Albert Kamy and the specific nature of the reception of world-wide literary works. Through this work we learn more about essential ethical issues than those related to the title, which also coincided with the drama of Covid-19 during the past year: Evil in the world almost always comes from ignorance, while goodwill, if not clearly seen, it can cause as much damage as wickedness. People are more “good than bad, but that is not the point. People are more or less ignorant and this is what is called virtue or vice, while the most depressing vice is that of ignorance who thinks he knows everything and then gives himself the right to kill.

7. "The fragile art of not giving a" by Mark Manson

This book remains one of the most sought after by Albanian readers since it was first published. And do you know why ?! Mark Manson sees reality with maximum clarity and sincerity, seeing it as an environment full of challenges and problems for the individual. Here begins the narrative adventure of the author, who has an opposite optics to that of positive thinking. In this personal development guide, the well-known blogger advises us to improve through coping with adversity. Manson advises us to learn our limitations and accept them. He says this is the real source of strength. When we embrace our fears, guilt, and insecurities — when we do not shy away from painful truths but face them — we can find the courage and confidence we so desperately seek.

8. "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne

Author Rhonda Byrne has hit the mark, essentially fulfilling the spiritual side of the reader, which is why he is considered a Great Secret that is constantly revealed by millions of readers even today. This age-old Secret has been understood by some of the most famous people in history: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein - along with several other inventors, theologians, scientists, and great thinkers. Now the Secret is being revealed to the world.

For the first time, all parts of the secret come together in an incredible discovery that will transform the lives of everyone who experiences it. In this book you will learn how to use the secret in every aspect of life - with money, wealth, relationships, happiness and in every interaction you have in the world.

9. “Friend Request” nga Laura Marshall

"Request for Friendship" is the novel that will grab you from the first page and will leave you breathless until the last. Laura Marshall's novel is considered the most beautiful thriller of the year and without fear it is today the most sought after thriller by Albanian readers. For this reason there is still a lot of demand today, almost two years after its release by the publishing house Living.

10. "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

There is no second biography that is as sought after as Michelle Obama's "Becoming". This book is demanded not only by female readers but also by males and surprisingly has overcome the prejudices that it has a high cost. Valuable books are required by the Albanian reader, regardless of the price or other obstacles.

In this book, for the first time, Michelle Obama describes her life, since childhood, relationships with parents, the beginnings of marriage, the difficulties of finding a balance between career, family and her husband's rapid climb into politics. It reveals their debates about the possibility of running for the presidency of the United States and tells us about the popularity they experienced and the criticism they received during the election campaign. With finesse, a sense of humor and an unusual sincerity, Michelle Obama displays the whole life of a family that, all of a sudden, happened under the spotlight and in front of the whole world, as well as the eight most significant years in the White House, where she met better her country, but her country also knew her better.

Becoming - To become, accompanies us on a journey from the modest kitchens of Jova to the ballroom at Buckingham Palace, through moments of excruciating pain and enduring endurance, revealing the soul of a special and revolutionary woman who fights to felt good about herself, fully the lady to put all her strength and voice in the service of the highest ideals.

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