Balluk's deputy in charge of Albcontrol

Balluk's deputy in charge of Albcontrol

AlbControl will be headed by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Hantin Bonati. He held the post in the ministry headed by Belinda Balluku since 2017

Balluk's deputy in charge of Albcontrol

What is AlbControl?

Albcontrol is a JSC joint stock company that offers air navigation services in the airspace and at the civil aerodromes of Albania. Established since December 1998, this joint stock company is publicly owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, with 100% state capital. ALBCONTROL has been a member of EUROCONTROL since 2003. Since the establishment of this company, 7 executives have been in charge, starting with Besnik Leskaj, Petrit Sulja, Arben Xhiku, Lilika Radovicka, Ferdinand Shehu, Belinda Balluku and recently the administrator Mina Kusta.

It is not known whether the boycott of controllers by blocking flights to and from Rinas airport has led to the Supervisory Board of Albcontrol having a new director. The boycott took place in the first days of April, with controllers claiming that their pay due to the pandemic had dropped and that they felt stressed by the lifestyle change.

The April event also brought political clashes after the government accused President Ilir Meta and former Prime Minister Berisha. The Minister of Infrastructure commented on the strike of the controllers as a coup d'etat, because the towers are left without controllers and the planes could not land on the runway or take off from the runway without them being present on duty. The government hired Turkish and Greek inspectors to avoid further blocking work while other locals decided to return to work. The three accused as organizers of the boycott have been released, but to the extent of being forced to appear in court.

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