"Wanderlust in Albania", photos and videos of touristic Albania in an international competition

"Wanderlust in Albania", photos and videos of touristic Albania in an

"Fascinated by Albania and with a strong desire to travel and visit every corner of it", with this focus the National Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Tourism and Environment have announced today the Reels International Photography and Video Competition. Through this competition, photographers and visitors who are passionate about photos and videos will convey their images from Albania, to discover and experience together a fascinating journey to the Albanian beauties of the coast, mountains, cities, cultural heritage, cuisine and sites. archaeological.

In a press conference organized today, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro and the General Director of the National Tourism Agency Zana Çela have invited photographers, cameramen, people passionate about photography, but also just vacationers and visitors to Albania to become part of "WANDERLUST IN ALBANIA: Photos & Reels International Competition".

"We are in a moment where the season continues, we have never talked about tourism in November. We waited until October 31, 8.98 million visitors, while this October alone had 89% more foreign visitors than October last year. We have continuously distributed on our online pages the beauties of Albania realized by amateurs and professionals. But it was precisely this digital communication with these passionate people, with these Albanians and foreigners who post on social networks for their pleasure, the emotions of the moment that they capture through a phone or through a camera, the emotion they cause is the same, the conveyance of the message is powerful and it was this communication of these two years with these people that led us to this product. Let's give a different kind of recognition, even more professional, even more institutional, to this entire army of talented enthusiasts who are in love with Albanian nature and beauties. it is a project that came very naturally", Minister Kumbaro said at this conference.

Director Çela, however, has shown how the idea for such an international competition was born. "Enchanted by Albania and with a strong desire to travel and visit every corner of it - this is exactly the trend demonstrated this year by the millions of tourists who visited and continue to visit our country", she said, continuing that - "This trend gave us the idea of ​​developing the first Reels International Photography and Video Competition, where professional photographers, and visitors who are passionate about photography and video will send us their images from Albania, to discover and experience a fascinating journey together. towards the Albanian beauties of the coast, mountains, cities, cultural heritage and archaeological sites, agribusiness, cuisine, etc.

The "Wanderlust in Albania" competition will be divided into 10 categories, with different themes:
1. Landscapes (natural, mountainous, coastal); 2. Panoramic photos (Albanian cities, tourist villages); 3. Monuments & archaeological sites (cultural monuments, castles, amphitheaters, museums and archaeological sites or preserved by UNESCO); 4. Folklore (ethnography, dance, ritual, tradition); 5. Crafts & Crafts; 6. Agrotourism & Culinary (traditional foods, guesthouses, agrotourism); 7. TEA application events (festivals, local parties, concerts, artistic events, exhibitions, etc.); 8. Sports tourism & Ecotourism (hiking, diving, mountaineering, kayaking, parachuting, flora & fauna, trails, parks); 9. Architecture (mosque, church, medieval and new urban architecture); 10. Photo-reportage (photo news, which narrates events from life).

Everyone can easily apply on the page created exclusively for this competition www.wanderlustinalbania.al , starting from November 20. By creating a personalized profile with individual data, the participants in the competition can upload all the works according to the defined categories, with a specific title, and explaining the place and year when the photo or video was taken. Professional photographers and photo and video art and documentary enthusiasts can send their best work, with original, authentic images, with the right resolution for print and digital use according to all technical, artistic and ethical criteria. All information is available in detail on the website www.wanderlustinalbania.al.
In this competition, a jury of experts will select the 300 most beautiful photographs and 100 video reels from touristic Albania, with images that inspire travel and tourism, to enrich the archival fund of National Tourism Agency, as the main promoter of rare nature, tradition, culture, art and Albanian history, for anyone who wants to visit Albania. Participants in this international competition will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and convey the emotions of Albanian magic and win special prizes.

This competition will have two forms of voting, where the 10 best photos and 10 video reels will be selected for each category through a professional jury and 2 awards from online voting, for the best photo and video reels from the eyes of the public, voting which will be carried out on the official website of the National Tourism Agency (Visit Albania) on Facebook.
The announcement of the winners of the competition will take place at a gala evening on December 12.
Just as millions of tourists chose Albania this summer, the "Wanderlust in Albania" International Competition is an open invitation to dream along with the reel photos of a fascinating and real Albania!

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