The macabre murder of an 8-year-old in Fier, the Socialist MP speaks about the death penalty: it is not a solution, there would be more corruption

The macabre murder of an 8-year-old in Fier, the Socialist MP speaks about the

Socialist Party MP, Petro Koçi stressed this Wednesday evening that capital punishment is not a solution to the crime situation, but that it is necessary to review the legislation.

If the capital punishment was imposed for serious crimes, it would be more reason for corruption in the ranks of the justice system, underlined the socialist MP from "Bardh a Zi", just a few days after 38-year-old Klodian Çalamani took his life 8-year-old Mateo Vasiu in Fier.

"At some point emotionality means that people tend to take more extreme measures. We think we have a defect in the judicial system. If we were to face the death penalty then there would be more reason for greater corruption. This is not the solution. As for those crimes that come as a result of unjust decisions of the judiciary is not the solution of the death penalty, but punishments taken according to law. Legislation needs to be reviewed. That many criminals often maneuver with procedures and avoid life imprisonment, if they behave well they come out and after they come out they commit another crime. I think the issue should be seen here. For some crime figures there should be no space at all. Masters who protect criminals find spaces.

Let the judiciary be as honest as possible, let’s review the legislation where it has to review. The problem is not with the death penalty but with law enforcement. There is a lot to do in crimes committed by people with mental health problems. We need to educate society that mental illness is like any other illness. There should be no family, take it where it should be called shame to admit that they have a mentally ill. "Institutions must also be strengthened," said MP Koçi.

During the day when the fate of Çalaman was to be decided by the black platoon, the relatives of the deceased juvenile, supported by many citizens, flocked to the premises of the Fier Court demanding the capital punishment for the perpetrator of the serious crime. They also launched a nationwide petition for the hanging of Klodian Çalamani.