Dangerous fire under control in Mamurras, the mayor: It was intentional

Dangerous fire under control in Mamurras, the mayor: It was intentional

The Mamurras area was engulfed in fire yesterday, endangering 5 flats and nearby residents. But after the intervention that is said to have lasted for hours, the two hearths were brought under control. However, the mayor of Kurbin, Majlinda Cara said that the fire has left behind great damage.

"After hours of efforts, the fires in the Mamurras area have been neutralized, leaving behind great damage. "Thanks to everyone who contributed to this difficult day, first of all to the Fire Brigade forces Kurbin, Lezha, Mirdita, Kruja and Kamza, the troops of the Armed Forces, the State Police and every resident of the area for their generous assistance" , she announces .

But it seems the fire was not caused by extreme temperatures. The mayor says the fire was intentional as she called for those responsible to be found and brought to justice.

"It is up to the competent bodies to go to the end of the investigation into the cause of the fire and to bring to justice those responsible for this catastrophe. I take this opportunity to call on every resident of Kurbin for extra care and responsibility not to create such situations that bring irreparable damage and danger to the lives of other people.

The flames from the fires spread in the neighborhood "Democracy" and in the village of Shpërdhet in Mamurras. The Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi reacted by saying that the situation was critical, before the fire was extinguished, while there are currently fires in the district of Vlora, in the hills of Radhima, in Kuçi Mountain and in Karaburun.

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