Video / Lulzim Basha explodes: You became trash

Video / Lulzim Basha explodes: You became trash

Lulzim Basha raised his voice during the speech of the socialist deputy Eduart Shalsi.


Basha: You became trash. S'ke turp. You tell me the slander. O trash!

Shalsi: That you never realized how weak you are. The thicker the sound and the louder it gets, you can scare any larks. It just makes me laugh. Even with this your nature of becoming strong.

Basha speaks from the place
Shalsi: I understand the plight, but I do not cry. Realistically thinks that sound thickening.

Basha: O misfortune.

Shalsi: I would gladly give my word.

Basha: Laugh, laugh, all the mud…

Shalsi: You laugh, because you have been in politics for 16 years and you have not understood anything. You think you will survive in politics, with this voice.

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