Vetting fires Tirana judge Manjola Bejleri

Vetting fires Tirana judge Manjola Bejleri

The Vetting session was held for the judge of Tirana, Manjola Bejleri. The Independent Qualification Commission (IQC) found a lack of financial resources for the creation of assets due to impossibility.

The problem was the purchase of an apartment with a total area of ??104 m2 in 2003 against the value of 41 thousand 440 USD, property revalued in 2017 in the amount of 13 million ALL.

There were also suspicions that Judge Bejleri may have hidden a vehicle in her brother's name. The subject has declared the use of a Volkswagen Passat type vehicle bought by his brother in 2010 in the amount of 1 million ALL.

Manjola Bejleri started her career in the justice system in 2000. Bejleri was also the president of the association of judges.

The panel for its hearing consisted of Xhensila Pine, with rapporteur Valbona Sanxhaktari and member Olsi Komic.