The owner of the villa's version of the event that took place in Livadhë yesterday: The girl was made to cry herself

The owner of the villa's version of the event that took place in

An event that seemed to us like 'Deja Vu' happened yesterday in the South of the country, where the owner of a holiday home cut off the tourists, after the latter left without notifying them after finding that the conditions were not as they had been told.

Katerina Joshi, the owner of the holiday house Vila "Natali" in an interview for Abcneës, has given her version.

"He used insulting language towards the receptionist and the cleaner. Our stay on the street was not for payment, but to wait for the police. The moment he left that way I informed the Himara police and while waiting for her I blocked the way. The police came "But he did not wait for him, he left. If he was clean he should have stayed. We did not terrorize him or his family, instead he used the child to make him cry."

How the event happened in Himara:

A couple of Albanian vacationers had booked the hotel for three days, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but a few days ago they asked to go on Thursday and the hotel staff confirmed that they could go. After staying one night, the couple, dissatisfied with the conditions, asked to leave, making the payment only for the days of stay, but the owner did not allow them to leave, remembering that they had also booked for Sunday, and therefore had to pay. . In the video published in the media, it was seen how the irritated woman, after seeing that she was being filmed, accuses the vacationers of harming her and burning the sheets, demanding the money, as she went out on the main road in Himara to prevent them from to leave.

The holidaymakers then notified police about the conflict that lasted several minutes.

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