Veliaj and Minister Margariti inspect the works in the new concert hall of the Academy of Arts: European conditions for students and artists; Good deeds require patience

Veliaj and Minister Margariti inspect the works in the new concert hall of the

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj and the Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti inspected the works for the concert hall of the Academy of Arts, which is being completely reconstructed according to European standards, thanks to the support of TAP. Veliaj thanked Minister Margariti for the work done. He said that with cooperation and patience anything can be achieved.

"If students at other universities said the rector was investing in his office and car, here the rector was a co-protester, to say that we would fix the halls and infrastructure of students. Patience, when you see that work is being done, is justified. Patience, when you see that "Sami Frashëri" is ending, is justified. Patience, when you see that the node of "Eagle" is running out, is justified. Even the most beautiful metaphor is the scene. It is very easy to be in the loggia, even to comment on those who are on stage. It takes a lot of courage to go down on stage and do some work " , continued the Mayor.

The Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti said that this hall is another promise kept within the 'Pact with the University'.

"It is a colossal job that will be done here. Very important steps have been taken because for the first time we have done a study of the latest technologies and we are definitely in need of an increase in capacity, of technology. I am confident that it will be another successful construction site and a well-deserved space not only for the artists, but also for the students to graduate in this hall with their parents and have real memories, not only of good performance, but all with a new and dignified atmosphere between them " , underlined Margariti.

While, the rector of the University of Arts, Kastriot Çaushi said that today is a special day for young artists, who will have a dignified stage to perform.

"I am glad that today the spectators and artists should come warm, calm, relaxed with a technical and artistic environment. "I strongly believe that this reality today after a year or so will be completely different", he concluded.

The renovation of the concert hall at UAT is one of the largest social and environmental investments of TAP in Albania, an investment that adds to a long list of investments in education, infrastructure, culture and environment. In addition, TAP has funded a feasibility study and the design of a detailed engineering project for the renovation of the concert hall.

Malfor Nuri, Country Director for TAP in Albania, said: “TAP has always been committed to supporting culture and protecting cultural heritage in Albania. "Apart from the rehabilitation of the Gjon Mili Museum, this is another key investment in the country's cultural arena, as the concert hall at UAT is a reference point for the performing arts."

The object of this project is the regeneration and technical-functional adaptation of the concert stage, which is part of the building of the University of Arts of Tirana. The project brings together a number of partners, such as the Ministry of Culture of Albania and TAP, as co-sponsors of the project, the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (Cooperazione Italiana), Atelier4 and the University of Florence. The restoration work is scheduled to last 14 months and is expected to be completed by April 2022.

Veliaj and Minister Margariti inspect the works in the new concert hall of the