Fires in the country / Head of Civil Emergencies indicates which are the most problematic areas

Fires in the country / Head of Civil Emergencies indicates which are the most

The head of Civil Emergencies, Haki Çako, commented on the situation of fires in our country during an interview with "News 24". Çako said that the most problematic situation is presented in the area of ??Karaburun and in the Dukes of Vlora where the fires have spread more and more aggressively.

Çako underlined that all intervention structures have been committed for several days to neutralize fires and prevent the creation of new hearths and explains that the main cause of the aggravated situation in Albania, but also in the region are very high temperatures. high.

Also, Çako has expressed his conviction that in our country residential areas and people's lives are not endangered due to fires.

Excerpt from Chako's interview:

Do you have a preliminary claims balance?

The preliminary balance is operational, considerable areas of Karaburun, which are pastures and meadows, but also shrubs. A full evaluation will be made when the operation is finalized. We are in contact with all our partners, who also have their own commitments. We are organizing at 21:00 the meeting of the Civil Protection Committee to assess the situation. We have a helicopter with its own equipment, which is operating. We expect other support, but they are also conditioned by the commitments that other countries have.

Is an assessment being made regarding the causes of these fires?

There are a number of factors that affect the lighting of these fires, some are from the shepherds, who demand the reopening of their pastures, just as there are a significant number of residents who burn the bushes, and the situation gets out of control, but are not excluded even criminal initiatives. Work is underway with the police to bring the perpetrators to justice, in cases where they have been identified.

Do you think the maximum has been done?

I can say with regret that a considerable part of people are inclined to interpret the empty glass part, rather than the full one. All structures are maximally engaged. They are people who have sacrificed on the ground and I greet and encourage them in their work. I call on citizens to be part of the reaction, as in most cases there is more interpretation than reaction.

Almost the entire Balkans is affected by very high temperatures, coming from Africa, due to currents, which have favored the lighting of mass fires. There are some regions or Prefectures in Albania that have had significant problems, but the ones that have stood out have been the Prefectures of Vlora, Fier, Gjirokastra and Berat. Currently, the busiest situation is in Vlora, in the part of Karaburun and the village of Dukat. All structures are engaged, both local and those of the State Police, the Armed Forces. Intensive work is being done with all structures. It is a hard job. Currently in Albania there have been no loss of life or life-threatening problems.