Mandatory vaccination for MPs to enter the Assembly

Mandatory vaccination for MPs to enter the Assembly

During today's parliamentary session, it was decided that the deputies who did not receive the anti-Covid vaccine will not be accepted in the Parliament. The proposal was initially made by the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party Taulant Balla at the conference of mayors and was welcomed by the opposition.

Balla stated for the media: “ At the conference of mayors, we agreed on the mandatory vaccination of all deputies. The duration of the two doses is determined by the experts and depends on the type of vaccine. This is the best message the assembly makes today. I call on citizens to be vaccinated. It is important to address the students as we approach the new university year, every student should be vaccinated and this should be done first by the Assembly.

I'm sorry, I do not know where they heard that Albania is not in a state of emergency, the decision of the government is ongoing, we continue to be careful. We have a high number of cases per day, we have loss of life. In August we had a situation and in September-October we have this situation. Not to blow the balloon in vain, committee meetings will continue in the traditional and online way. We agreed on this at the conference of mayors. The Assembly has reaffirmed some rules established in the previous legislature.