Albanian travelers blocked at the border of Montenegro: They do not know our tests, they want us to do it there for 23 euros

Albanian travelers blocked at the border of Montenegro: They do not know our

Albanian workers on the Montenegrin border have been met with rejection and rejection of documents. Even citizens who have received two doses of the vaccine will have to wait because of the new measures imposed.

A testing center, costing 23 euros, has been set up near the Hani i Hotit border crossing. For those who want to cross the border this cost is high and unaffordable. While the tests they have conducted in Albania are not recognized by the Montenegrin side. Some of them show that they have been protesting since yesterday:

"We protested yesterday as well. Our state has the right to open the way for us. With the test that has become 23 euros here, it is unaffordable. They do not allow the tests in Shkodra, they say to do them here. "I have had both vaccines and they are not recognizing them," said one citizen.

"I passed Covid and they do not recognize my document," says another.

"They do not accept the test we have, they want us to do it here for 23 euros", says another citizen who has returned.

What should citizens know about the new measures that came into force yesterday, September 14?

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs announces that starting from 14 September 2021, all foreign nationals wishing to travel to Montenegro must submit:

A certificate that 14 days have elapsed since revaccination, for two-dose vaccines, or 14 days have elapsed since vaccination for single-dose vaccines;

A Covid-19 negative PCR test not older than 72 hours, or a positive PCR test of which at least 14 days have elapsed but not more than 180 days;

Negative antigen test, not older than 48 hours;

Montenegrin citizens and foreign nationals temporarily residing in Montenegro who do not meet any of the above conditions must be quarantined. Isolation may be discontinued after a negative PCR test, after the sixth day of border crossing.

Persons under the age of 18 (Montenegrin or foreign nationals) are not subject to these rules.

Link to the full announcement here:

Meanwhile, there are about 100-200 daily employees who support working families in the Montenegrin state.

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