Turkey 42 million euros for reconstruction, Erdogan: As brother for brother

Turkey 42 million euros for reconstruction, Erdogan: As brother for brother

Turkish President Erdogan and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama attended a ceremony inaugurating apartments rebuilt with Turkish donations.

Erdogan during his speech at the ceremony said that the Turkish state was mobilized with all the opportunities it had to help Albania and Albanians, as the brother stands by the brother when needed, not when called.

"The joy of Albania is our joy and the sorrow of Albania is ours. Being the people of a country that many times before has experienced the same injuries, the September and November earthquakes hurt us a lot. As soon as we received the sad news of the earthquake we immediately set in motion. We as a state mobilized with all our possibilities to help you.

As my brother Edi Rama said before in his speech, the brother stands by the brother when he needs it, not when he is called.

After the earthquake we immediately sent to Albania all the necessary equipment for help. Being in constant contact with my friend Edi Rama, we closely followed all the works.

I have personally been active, and together we took initiatives to come to the aid of Albania. The fact that Turkey was one of the first countries to come to Albania's aid is a clear proof of the cooperation between us.

In order to alleviate the pain of those affected by the earthquake, we signed a memorandum of understanding with Prime Minister Rama to rebuild the damaged apartments from scratch.

In July 2020, as soon as the memorandum was signed, we started the works, although the coronavir spread.

We are now handing over these apartments which are 522 housing units and have cost 42 million euros.

I want to wish all the family to enjoy their homes. I thank God that even though Turkey was tested by many natural disasters during this period such as fires and earthquakes, we managed to help you.

What I want to emphasize is the principle-belief that the sign of brotherhood is not to come when called, but to come when the brother is in need. Therefore we will continue to stand by you.

As a product of this strong solidarity we have the Turkey-Albania hospital, the regional hospital of Fier that was built within 68 days. We called this hospital the Turkey-Albania friendship hospital. " said President Erdogan.