Tragedy with 45 victims in Bulgaria, Investigators: There was no explosion, human error is suspected to be the cause of the accident

Tragedy with 45 victims in Bulgaria, Investigators: There was no explosion,

Deputy Chief Prosecutor and Director of the National Investigation Service in Bulgaria Borislav Sarafov has stated that a human error is the main suspicion thought to have caused the tragic accident in Bulgaria. He stated that 44 bodies were found at the scene, while 1 is missing.

"At the moment, the most reliable track is that of the human factor, for which the conditions of the section where the accident occurred are being examined, such as signalization and street lighting. The sidewalk on which the bus driver has hit is not only unnecessary on the spot, but also dangerous. There were no explosions at the scene, but the loud noise that was heard was that of the bus crashing into the sidewalk, perhaps that is why the bus caught fire.

Autopsies show that all the passengers died from suffocation from the smoke, not from the shock. This means that they were alive at the time of the fire. The final assessment of the causes of the accident will have to be given by the final analysis, but the main version at the moment is human error - as the cause of the accident.

During interrogation, one of the survivors said that eight people were rescued, not seven. At the same time, 44 bodies were found at the scene of the tragedy. Investigators are checking the version to see if there is another survivor and where he is. "He may have left the border with another vehicle, another bus, which needs to be checked," Sarafov said.

Sarafov also points out that there were suspicions that there was fuel on the bus, which may have been carried for smuggling, it was also dismissed as a possibility for a fire to break out.

"There was information that the bus was transporting fuel, gasoline and diesel and that they may have been the cause of the fire. This track has been investigated, but we categorically reject it as unfounded. Three cans were found at the site, containing only oil residues, so they were neither filled nor burned. "This means that the fire was not caused by fuel," said Sarafov.