Mateo's aunt who was killed in Fier casts doubt that Çalamani did not act alone in the macabre crime

Mateo's aunt who was killed in Fier casts doubt that Çalamani did

Mateo's aunt, the little boy who was macabrely killed in Fier, has cast doubt that the murderer of her nephew Klodjan Çalamani did not act alone for the terrible crime.

In a direct connection with the show "With an open heart", the aunt of the deceased child said that an expertise should be done. As he adds that many allusions are coming out in the media which have not been confirmed, no one has seen Mateo go to buy bread.

"Who saw these, who made these statements," said Mateo's aunt, who lives in Italy.

Excerpts from the interview:

"We are washing the pages with tears. I am hearing many things in the media. Who saw Meteo who went and bought the bread, who heard Mateon telling him why he is harassing my mom? Where did all this come from. We are grieving even more. it is done, even the hair is taken from them ", she said.

Was it a woman your mother's age?

Adriana: Yes

You say that Çalamani was not alone? Who is the person who may have pushed her, is inside the sister's family?

Adriana: Definitely will be inside.

Do you have any doubts?

Adriana: I do not know in detail who he is, but expertise must be obtained and it depends. I was informed that my sister was at the police station last night, but I do not know what. It has to be right because I will hear a lot of things in the media. What are all these… Who was present, who uttered these words?