Let's help Zyše Ina, who is fighting with death, to return to Albania!

Let's help Zyše Ina, who is fighting with death, to return to

Teacher Ina Kasimati is a strong woman who has been fighting a serious illness for years. Two years ago, it was her students who called on Albanians to put their hands on their hearts and contribute to their breast to win the second battle with breast cancer. And the amount managed to be collected. But recently she needs her compatriots again, this time to return to her homeland.

Zysh Ina is in France as she is facing a serious illness for the second time, but at the suggestion of the doctors she will return to Albania, to the warm bosom of her family in Vlora, as the doctors themselves have told her the best medicine is with the people of the soul.

Because the disease has progressed and she cannot be disconnected from the devices, she has to return to her hometown with a medical charter, a trip which costs 17 thousand euros.

Humbly, through a letter, she asks for the solidarity and help of all Albanians to contribute as much as they can so that she can return to her country. We emphasize that the trip must be completed within 10 days.